Jul 05

New article – Romanian Approaches In Risk Management In The Pharmaceutical Sector

ROMANIAN APPROACHES IN RISK MANAGEMENT IN THE PHARMACEUTICAL SECTOR – Liviu Dumitru Rusu (Bucharest University of Economic Studies Romania)

This paper attempts to highlight the main causes, methods and effects of Romanian managers in the pharma sector and in particular need of professionalization in the Romanian organizations. Integration has turned the macroeconomic environment and the behaviour of organizations on the global pharma market. Romania, in its commitment to sustainable development path will not be able to evade its new type of organizational knowledge society. It is  related to Romanian organizational culture and developed on the basis of the integration of pharma markets  which led to the appearance, in the particular management area, of a methods’ concentration, management  methodologies and techniques specific to the European countries. The romanian organizational environment cannot be an exception to the overall orientation of contemporary society to knowledge and technologies. Risk assessment issues is still concerning romanian organizations in the pharma sector because of the impact on the social and economic environment. Decisions under risk conditions is a requirement of organizational and governance management.

The full artcicle, here: Management Risk in Pharma

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