Jun 09

Nudge, Disruptive Innovation and (Healthcare) Evolving Economcis

ICEA – FAA | The 2015 International Conference on Economics and Administration June 5 & 6 | 2015 , University of Bucharest

Nudge, Disruptive Innovation and (Healthcare) Evolving Economcis

Theory and Case Studies

Workshop with Maurice Codourey (https://ch.linkedin.com/pub/maurice-codourey/0/289/aaa)

Based in Zurich Switzerland, Maurice Codourey is a hybrid between practical research / case studies in communication and marketing as a visiting professor at West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin Poland and Marketeer at Directorate Support of Stadtspital Waid in Zurich Switzerland.

You can find Maurice presentation here:UBR_BusinessEconomics_Lecture_June4_15

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