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Presentations at 2nd Health Economics Workshop – ICEA 2014 – 22 of June 2014

Behavioral Healthcare: by David S. Bathory, Psy.D., Bathory International LLC

Behavioral Healthcare consists of mental health and treatment for people with substance abuse problems

In the USA There is both In patient (hospital care that is voluntary, and involuntary) and out patient care (care provided in the community). Involuntary treatment has strict laws that were written to ensure that people’s rights to freedom would not be abused.  The laws are not followed in many of the US States and people can be detained based upon hearsay.  Out patient care is much less expensive to provide than in patient treatment, yet the “need for beds” continues to grow. State hospitals provide long term treatment usually 6 months or more and are paid for by state and federal funds.  Private hospitals provide shorter term care usually a maximum of 30 days and can be paid by private insurance or by state funds.  Misuse and abuse of Behavioral Health Patients is on the rise.  And the USA is disabling (making people dependents on the state) a greater number of people as mentally ill or chronic substance abusers.

Behavioral Healthcare


Behavioral Economics in Action: The Contribution of the UK Government’s Behavioral Insights Team.

by Simon James, University of Exeter Business School

It has been estimated that in the UK behavioral and lifestyle factors are significant contributors in around half of all deaths. These factors include smoking, unhealthy diet, alcohol consumption and inactive lifestyles (Cabinet Office, 2010: 6).

The Evaluation of Governmental Actions of Communication for Cancer Prevention and Early Detection. 

Economic Study: Treatments vs. Prevention and Early Detection. – Case study – cancer diseases with high incidence at the Romanian people

by Lecturer Ph.D. Popescu Cristian George, University of Bucharest 

The paper presents the importance of early detection actions of cancer diseases. The results depend on:

•authorities’ effort of developing preventive actions
•understanding the impact messages by the public
by Silviu Cojocaru, Camelia Cojocaru 
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